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About InstaSine

InstaSine was founded in 2016 by a group of IITD (Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi) alumni, with over 30 years of combined first-hand R&D experience, especially, in the fields of digital control systems and power electronics with the focus on power quality enhancement and renewable energy systems. The increased proliferation of power electronics based electric loads, such as, variable frequency drives, cyclo-converters, choppers, battery chargers etc., generally distort the wave shapes of current and voltage to be non-sinusoidal at the customer end, hampering the quality and efficiency of electric power system. InstaSine stands for Instantaneous Sine wave, be it a current or voltage. The first two products introduced by InstaSine, namely i - Sine and v-Sine effectively corrects the wave shapes of current and voltage to be pure sinusoidal at the customer end. Our products assure the current and/or voltage quality as per IEEE standards.

Founded by IIT Delhi Alumni with over 30 years of combined First-Hand R&D Experience in the areas of Power Electronics and Power Quality.

So far, our team has contributed more than 90 International Research Articles that includes more than 40 in world recognized various IEEE Transactions


“Promising a better tomorrow” is our vision that drives us in what we do today. Through continuous in-house R&D, innovation and technological advancements, we aim to position ourselves as a leading power quality enhancement solutions provider to the industries across the globe, to make customer’s equipment reliable, efficient, and long lasting.


Co-founders are IIT Delhi alumni with M. Tech. and PhD degrees in Electrical Engineering with expertise in Power Electronics, Electric Machines and Drives. Team has tremendous R&D experience and worked on several research projects at different institutes worldwide that includes, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), Boston, USA and Khalifa University (formerly, Masdar Institute of Science and Technology), UAE.


In-house research and development (R&D) is the backbone of InstaSine, while, “Innovation” drives the company’s vision. R&D activities span form power electronics converter topologies, magnetics, artificial neural network, adaptive control to system optimization. Team has contributed more than 90 international research articles that includes more than 40 in world recognized various IEEE Transactions, such as, IEEE Trans on Power Electronics, IEEE Trans on Industrial Electronics, IEEE Trans on Industrial Informatics, IEEE Trans on Power Delivery, IEEE Trans on Power System, IEEE Trans on Energy Conversion, IEEE Trans on Sustainable Energy and IEEE Trans on Smart Grid.