Static Var Generator Plus (SVG+)

Mitigating the plant current harmonics along with displacement power factor correction is becoming essential in the era of new kVAh based tariffs where electricity is billed based on true power factor (presence of harmonics in plant current reduces the true PF).

The traditional solution to improve true PF near unity is to install two different systems

  1. SVG/Detuned APFC for displacement power factor improvement correction, and
  2. Active Harmonic Filter (AHF) for current harmonic mitigation.

SVG+ (SVG with harmonic compensation capabilities from InstaSine), combines the functionalities of (InstaSine i - PFC) and (InstaSine i - AHF), make them a go to solution where true power factor improvement is needed. That means, near unity power factor operation as well as compliance to Standard IEEE 519-1992.

Developed on the same 3-Level Inverter Technology platform of i-PFC SVGs, i-PFC+ SVGs do offer the compact modular design and higher efficiencies (up to 99%).

The i-PFC+ SVGs give priority and do utilize up to its full current capacity to improve displacement power factor. At the same time, left over capacity will be utilized to cancel dominant load current harmonics from 2nd to 15th order, without exceeding 50% of its rated current capacity.

Majority of commercial and industrial establishments where part of the loads are VFDs, UPS, and LED lighting will have reactive and predominant 3rd, 5th, 7th, 9th, 11th and 13th order harmonics, which are within the compensation range of an i-PFC+ SVGs.

Hence, the singular i-PFC+ SVGs will become economical and sensible choice for reactive power as well as harmonic current compensation (yielding the true power factor correction).

  • Near unity true power factor operation (on HT or LT side).
  • Negligible gap between the kVAh and kWh units in monthly electricity bills.
  • Harmonic compensation achieves full compliance to IEEE 519-1992 and IEEE 519-2014.
  • Protected from upcoming excess harmonic penalties.
  • Balanced three phase currents free from negative sequence component.
  • Reduced energy losses with improved plant efficiency
  • Restored ability of existing electrical infrastructure to operate at full-load capacity
  • No harmonic resonances/amplifications
  • Relatively maintenance free
  • No AC capacitor banks, does not require contactor replacement
  • No capacitor explosion risk and no accidents and/or risk of safety
  • Cost-effective and highly reliable solution

Below case study provides more insight on the capability and uniqueness of InstaSine SVG+.

Plant Performance without i-PFC SVG+

A plant load voltage and current profiles at one of our client locations are shown below. Following problems were noticed:

  • Poor true power factor (0.91 lagging) and poor displacement power factor (0.92 lagging)
  • Distorted plant input currents with THD of 9.6%
  • Dominant 5th and 7th harmonic currents
Actual Load Parameters

Plant Performance with i-PFC SVG+ in Operation

With i-PFC SVG+ installed, almost unity power factor can be noticed with the following observations:

  • True power factor is improved from 0.91 lagging to 0.99
  • Displacement power factor is improved from 0.92 lagging to perfectly 1 (unity)
  • However, harmonics remain almost identical to without compensation case
Performance with i-PFC SVG

Plant Performance with i-PFC as SVG+

With i-PFC SVG controlled as SVG+, add-on harmonic compensation can be observed.

  • Both true power factor and displacement power factor are achieved as perfectly unity
  • Plant input currents are now maintained pure sinusoidal (harmonic cancellation) #
  • Input current THD is reduced from 9.6% to just 1.8% #
  • Negligible individual harmonic current levels
  • # Note: harmonic cancellation and THD reduction levels are based on the available i-PFC SVG capacity. It is dynamically computed and thus best possible performance in simultaneous power factor correction and harmonic cancellation can be assured, always!

Performance with i-PFC SVG