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Active Harmonic Filter

InstaSine i-Sine Active Harmonic Filters

InstaSine proudly introduces its first product line-up “i-Sine” active harmonic filter (AHF) to cater the present industrial needs. i-Sine AHF is a high-speed IGBT based device that is connected in parallel to the plant and performs the following [regardless of the loading condition]:
  • Cancels the load generated current harmonics
  • Maintains the unity power factor operation
  • Ensures balance three-phase source currents
  • Compensates neutral current (only with three-phase four-wire version)
Compensation Philosophy
  • i-Sine AHF identifies the downstream load current composition (such as, active, reactive, harmonics and unbalance components) using intelligent artificial neural network (ANN) based control technique and cancels the unwanted components at the load end through precise control of IGBTs.
  • Based on the selective harmonic compensation, i-Sine AHF computes the magnitude of individual harmonic, fundamental reactive and unbalanced current that are to be compensated.
  • As long as the compensation requirement is within the rating of i-Sine AHF capacity, it compensates all the unwanted current components. In case the requirement is higher than its rated capacity, compensation current is dynamically limited to i-Sine AHF capacity using inbuilt real-time current limiting algorithm.
  • Thanks to our closed-loop adaptive ANN control philosophy, i-Sine AHF dynamically compensates the unwanted components of load current even when the load changes frequently.
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